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Is Your Skater Interested in Figure Skating?

Then you are in the right place! Canskate is the feeder program into all Skate Canada Programming. Skaters will have to work all the way up to, and including stage 3, within the Canskate program before getting assessed by the Program Director and invited to join our Rising Stars Program If you have a skater interested in Figure Skating and wants to eventually join the Grande Prairie Skating Club, please email the Program Director so she can be in close communication with you regarding your skaters development.

About the Program

Rising Stars is an entry-level program that teaches introductory figure skating skills to skaters who show potential and desire to excel in figure skating. Skaters are taught in groups in a fun dynamic atmosphere to learn correct figure skating technique and the fundamentals required to move into the StarSkate program. The program also introduces athletes to off-ice training, each on-ice session is followed by an off-ice session focusing on jumps, landing positions, movement, and dance.

Program Requirements

Skaters are required to skate a minimum of two times per week. Three days per week is recommended for consistent progress. The program will run in two sessions: Fall (September to December) and Winter (January to April). Opportunities for spring and summer skating may be available.

Off-ice classes are mandatory. Off-ice Jumps and Dance/Movement Classes help improve flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, agility, and jump rotation. These skills are needs to develop into a well-rounded athlete.

We expect skaters to show up to every class on time prepared to work hard and have fun!

Equipment Requirements

Skaters must wear figure skates (no recreational skates), warm clothing and gloves

  • Hard guards to protect blades while walking off the ice
  • CSA approved helmets are required prior to assessment
  • Hair should be neatly tied back
  • Fitted clothing with long sleeves (no bulky coats or hooded sweaters)
  • Proper running shoes and water bottle for off-ice classes

*Three days recommended for accelerated skill development

*Off-ice classes are included, and attendance is mandatory.

*Volunteer / Fundraising obligations

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