Junior Development

We are excited to introduce our new Junior Development program for those skaters wanting to advance more quickly from CanSkate into the figure skating programs.

All Junior Development registrations are completed online by clicking HERE or by clicking on the REGISTRATION tab.

NEW Fundraising Obligation   (click HERE for details)

As a non-profit organization, the Grande Prairie Skating Club is run and managed by a group of volunteers:  the GPSC board and skaters’ parents.  The volunteer work is essential to the quality and success of our club, and to your child’s experience here.  

There is only one fundraising obligation per family per year for Pre-Canskate, Canskate and Junior Development skaters.

If you have any questions about the Junior Prep program please don’t hesitate to contact the Grande Prairie Skating Club office during office hours or by emailing programdirector@gpskate.com  

Important Information:

CanSkate/Junior Prep Equipment Information

Helmet Use Policy

Is Your Skater Interested in Figure Skating?

Then you are in the right place! Canskate is the feeder program into all Skate Canada Programming. Skaters will have to work all the way up to, and including stage 3, within the Canskate program before getting assessed by the Program Director and invited to join our Junior Prep Program. Our Junior Prep Program works on stages 4-6 in a group format within the Figure Skating Program. If you have a skater interested in Figure Skating and wants to eventually join the Grande Prairie Skating Club, please email the Program Director so she can be in close communication with you regarding your skaters development.

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