Board of Directors

President                              Dan Fitzpatrick 

The president shall appoint Standing and Ad Hoc Committee Chairs who shall look after duties assigned to them. All Committee Chairs must submit the names of their Committee Members to the President for approval. The President shall be an ex-official member of all Committees.


Vice-President                            Jackie Hampton

The Vice President (President Elect) shall assume the duties of the President in the absence of the President and shall assume such other duties as assigned by the Board.

Treasurer                                      Vacant

The Treasurer shall be responsible for the safe control of all Club funds, for preparing and submitting to the board an annual budget and keeping such records as are required for audit. All cheques and legal documents shall be signed by any two of the designated members of the Board.

Secretary                                         Ginger KrauseGinger

The Secretary shall deal with all correspondence subject to the approval of the President or his delegate, shall issue all notices for Board, General or Special Meetings, shall take minutes at all meetings and shall be responsible for submitting to Skate Canada and the Section, such reports as are required by Skate Canada Rules or other regulations.


Test Chair                                         Debbi Lorette

This person is responsible to oversee the conduct of test sessions, be responsible for accurate record keeping and preparing reports which will be submitted to the Skate Canada National Office. Other responsibilities include:

  • Collecting of Test Fees and ice time
  • Booking Judges, evaluators, and ice time
  • Making travel and accommodation arrangements for judges and evaluator
  • Scheduling the day and informing test participants
  • Enlisting volunteers to effectively run a test day

Competition Chair                            Vacant

This person is responsible for chairing the committee that would organize any competitions that the Grande Prairie Skating Club would sponsor during the year. This person would work with the Tech Ad, book judges, and make travel accommodations arrangements for the judges. This person would also be responsible to ensure that all competition forms have been distributed, completed and forwarded to outside competition committees. Other responsibilities include:
Copying and distributing to the coaches competition packages. Assisting with online registration as required. Assisting in the resolution of competition scheduling errors.

 Communication Chair                      Atara Hustler

This person is responsible for distribution of information and developing connections with the different groups within the club. This person may or may not be a member of the Board. Other responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining the website
  • Updating and posting information on the skating wall
  • Contact person for Media (Newspaper, radio, television)

Membership Chair                      Bobbi-Shannon Finnebraaten

This person is responsible to oversee the membership records of the Club and remain current with Skate Canada policy regarding membership. This person shall implement and inform Board and general membership about fees and policies regarding membership and work in close association with Program Director. Other responsibilities include:
  • Registering all members (Competitive skaters by the deadline)
  • Creating an active registration list for all 4 sessions offered and providing to the coaches
  • Maintaining a current list of which skaters skate on which days

Fundraising Chair                      vacant

This person is responsible for chairing the committee that will create and implement the fund-raising activities of the club. Other members who will assist the Fundraising Chair as support members are as follows:
  • Treasurer
  • Registration/Membership Chair
  • Program Director

Events Chair                               vacant

 This person will also be the chairperson of committees organizing club events.

If you are interested in filling any vacant positions on the board, or becoming involved as a member-at-large, please contact a Board Member!! We are eager to fill our board and have fresh ideas!