Board of Directors

Description of Board of Directors Positions

The GPSC Board of Directors consists of the Executive and 7 members at large.

Executive positions:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Past President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

Members At Large:

  • Canskate Liaison Chair
  • Communications Chair
  • Competition Chair
  • Events Chair
  • Fundraising Chair
  • Membership Chair
  • TestChair


Role of President

The President shall be subject to the authority of the Board of Directors and shall

have general supervision of the business and affairs of the Club.

The President shall:

  • act as the spokesperson for the Club unless otherwise directed by the Board of Directors or unless another individual is so appointed.
  • preside at all meetings of the Members and of the Board of Directors,
  • be an ex-officio member of all committees of the Club.
  • Have such other powers and duties as the Board of Directors may specify


Current President: Dan Fitzpatrick

Years on Board: Fourth

Skater: Abigail (HP)

Dan is a very hard working dad of 2 girls. Dan would prefer to show up in his socks and sandals, but usually comes to meetings straight from work sporting his steel-toed boots.  He works away from GP in the bush most of the time. If he is not working, he is driving around to competitions  with Abigail or hockey games with Maggie. Unconfirmed reports have it that Dan has kissed a cod or 2 in his time. Dan is knowledgeable about many Skate Alberta individuals and very familiar with the competitive scene. Dan is quiet but funny, easily approachable and easy to talk to. Dan is good at seeing the whole picture of scenarios, does not get too caught up in the nitty gritty details. He is a fan of short meetings. For any question, Dan is easily reachable by email at


Role of Vice-President

The Vice President shall:

  • in the event of the President’s absence, disability, or refusal to act, the Vice-President will assume the duties of the President.
  • pay all charges, expenses and costs owing by the Club
  • Assist the President with his/her duties.
  • Be responsible for booking ice and regularly monitoring the ice usage contract from the City of Grande Prairie.


Current Vice-President: Jackie Hampton

Years on Board: Third year

Skaters: Leah (Intermediate) and Claire (Junior)

Jackie is a firecracker. She must be very patient, as she works as a teacher’s assistant. She is very passionate about figure skating, especially as she used to be one herself. She is always eager to take on any job in the club. Jackie is the one to go to with any ice booking concerns. Jackie will step in to assist Dan with his duties when he is out of town working. Yes B’y, Jackie and her husband Josh can usually be found at the Coke Centre with their ridiculously adorable girls. For any question, especially regarding inquiries about ice/room booking and cancellations and club chocolate sales and fundraising, Jackie is reachable by email at


Role of Treasurer

The Treasurer shall:

  • be responsible for the safe control of all Club funds and maintenance of all financial records
  • prepare and submit, to the Board of Directors, the annual budget
  • keep such records as are required for financial review
  • arrange for the preparation of the annual financial statement
  • deposit all monies in Club accounts at financial institution(s) approved by the Board of Directors.
  • monitor, report and make recommendations to the Board of Directors related to savings, investments and other similar financial instruments held by the Club.
  • perform those duties, as may be required by law, such as the title would indicate, or as assigned by the Board of Directors from time to time.
  • Collect all Membership fees and other charges and assessments due to the Club


This role is currently vacant, however, the club does employ a bookkeeper to manage the books. Janice Budd has been with the club for approx 7 years, and is very knowledgeable about the way our club works. She has seen us transition from paper registration to online registration with Zone 4 and then through 2 changes in the Uplifter system thus far. Janice is reachable via email at


CanSkate and Primary Liaison Chair

The CanSkate Liaison Chair is responsible for ensuring that all parents and guardians of the Club CanSkate and Junior STAR 1 athletes have an understanding of the Club goals and operations and to represent those parents and guardians at the Board of Directors.

The CanSkate Liaison Chair shall:

  • be a resource to CanSkate and Junior STAR1 parents and guardians
  • meet regularly with the CanSkate and Junior STAR1 parents and guardians
  • liaise with other Committees to ensure that programs, events and activities are inclusive in nature
  • encourage CanSkate and Junior STAR1 parents and guardians to be active in the Club

This position is currently vacant.


Role of Secretary

The Secretary shall:

  • deal with all correspondence, subject to the approval of the President or his/her delegate
  • issue all notices for Board of Directors and General meetings
  • take minutes at all Board of Directors and General meetings
  • have charge of all books, papers, reports, certificates, records, documents and instruments belonging to the Association.
  • submit to Skate Canada and the Section such reports as are required by Skate Canada rules and other regulations
  • register and file of all reports, certificates and all other documents required by law to be registered or filed by the Association.
  • Be responsible for updating and keeping written accessible record of the club policies
  • and perform those duties, as may be required by law, such as the title would indicate, or as assigned by the Board of Directors from time to time


Current Secretary: Crystal Welygan

 Years on Board: First

 Skater: Kayla

Crystal has finally been lured onto the board after many ‘nudges’ from previous board members. While this is officially her first year, Crystal has been helping the club for many years, at competition, ice show and pretty much anything she was asked to help with. 



Test Chair

The Test Chair is responsible for organizing and hosting of all Skate Canada sanctioned test events that are hosted by the Club.

It is highly recommended that this Chair forms a committee to assist with this role, as Test Days can be labour intensive and time consuming.

The Test Chair shall:

  • arrange for and host all aspects of test sessions
  • arrange for all necessary officials
  • prepare and complete all documents and schedules
  • liaise with other club representatives regarding test session participation
  • submit all required documentation to Skate Canada
  • Act as the chair of the Test Committee


Current Test Chair: Brandi Goudreau

Years on Board: First

Skater: Quinn


Competition Chair

The Competition Chair is responsible for all regional, provincial, national and other

similar type competitions that are hosted by the Club.

The Competition Chair shall:

  • register all Club skaters in Skate Canada sanctioned competitions, if required (ie. if competition has online registration, this would not be a responsibility of the Competition Chair)
  • Keep coaches and members apprised of upcoming competitions in the Skate Alberta grid and their registration deadlines
  • liaise with Skate Canada in regard to all such competitions
  • Act as the chair of the Competition Committee and organize and execute all such competitions


The Competition Chair position is currently vacant. 


Communications Chair

The Communications Chair is responsible for all internal and external

communications regarding the Club and figure skating in general.

The Communications Chair shall:

  • provide regular Club updates to all Members
  • provide regular Skate Canada updates to all Members
  • prepare, distribute and maintain all Club communication vehicles such as the newsletter, web-site, bulletin boards, etc.
  • undertake media liaison, in conjunction with the President
  • Act as the chair of the Communications Committee (if applicable)

Current Communications Chair: currently vacant

Years on Board:




Membership Chair

The Membership Chair is responsible for the promotion, development and maintenance of Club Membership.

The Membership Chair shall:

  • oversee membership drives and registration events
  • maintain the Club membership registries
  • submit Club membership information to Skate Canada
  • issue all record and receipt documentation to Club members
  • Act as the chair of the Membership Committee (if applicable)

Current Membership Chair: currently vacant


Fundraising Chair

The Fundraising Chair is responsible for acquiring funding, other than skating fees, to assist in making figure skating as affordable as possible to all Club Members.

The Fundraising Chair shall:

  • identify, design, and execute all income generating programs and events
  • identify and apply for grants, bursaries, etc.
  • Act as the chair of the Fundraising Committee (if applicable)

This position is currently vacant. Out of necessity, the remaining Board members have been pulling together to manage fundraising. 


Events Chair

The Events Chair is responsible for organizing club team building events.

The Events Chair shall:

  • Be responsible for organizing and hosting of all Club activities and events other than those noted above and which are the responsibility of other Committees. Such events shall be determined, from time-to-time, by the Board of Directors, and may include such things as intra-Club competitions, seasonal team building activities, ice shows, exhibitions, year-end celebration, etc.
  • Act as the chair of the Events Committee (if applicable)

This position is currently vacant.


Member at Large

Current Member at Large: Debbi Lorette
Years on Board: fourth year on board
Skater: Nicole ( graduated)
Debbi is extremely knowledgeable about the testing and also the competition aspect of skating. She is very organized and has a real eye for detail. She is the one to ask to proof read things, as she is not only good at fact checking, but will catch any typo one may have. Debbi enjoys watching Nicole skate and takes great pride in watching her develop as a coach. Debbi can always be relied on to pitch in for any task and will even volunteer her son and husband as well. You would never know that Debbi has to commute from her home in Wembley and Beaverlodge where she works as a Unit Clerk at the hospital, as she is always the first one to show up and is always willing to help. For questions about pretty much anything skating related and  how to navigate the skate Canada site, Debbi can be reached by email at


Member at Large

Michelle Benjamin
Years on Board: First
Skater: Abigail


If you are interested in filling any vacant positions on the board, or becoming involved as a member-at-large, please contact a Board Member!! We are eager to fill our board and have fresh ideas!