Junior Development & Star 1 Fundraising

Grande Prairie Skating Club is a non-profit organization and fundraising is a very essential part of our club at every level of skating, as it helps to keep the ice and program costs reasonable for everyone. The registration fees skaters pay does not cover the actual costs of ice, coaching and teaching tools, so we have to find ways to fill the gaps. We rely on volunteers not only to run our Board of Directors, but to fundraise, run club competitions, and other events.
Our fundraising will run per session this year and all registered skaters are required to participate in the fundraising.

Fundraising Requirements for Fall Session

One case of Jellybeans $90.00 per skater (They will be added to your invoice when you register and will be available for pickup during information night. If you are unable to pick up at information night you can come during office hours.)

Bottle Drive October 5th, 2019 11:00 am- 3:00 pm (if you are unable to make that day you can arrange your own drop off but you will need to let the fundraiser chair know and make arrangements.)


Mixing Spoons https://www.themixingspoon.ca/(You are required to sell $150.00 per family. The order forms will be available to pick up at registration night.)

Please provide a minimum of 4 recipes for our winter cookbook fundraiser per family due Nov 15.

Families who volunteer and work a casino shifts in August are only required to sell the jellybean fundraiser for the fall session.

Families are to provide a $150.00 bond cheque at information night, which will be returned or shredded upon completion of the fall session fundraising. If you are unable to make our information night, please make other arrangements to drop off your bond cheque. If the bond cheque is not received by September 20th your skater may be considered ‘not in good standing’ and may not be permitted on the ice.
More information on the fundraisers will be available as the dates get closer. Winter, Spring and summer fundraisers will be sent out before the session starts.

Thanks for your help and support this 2019-2020 season
Grande Prairie Skating Club